About Us

Bringing professional development opportunities for young and emerging nonprofit leaders to the Sheboygan area is a collaborative effort between a small group of nonprofit leaders in and around Sheboygan, with support from the Greater Milwaukee Chapter of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN). The work of this team is to identify key themes and topics that are seen as pain points for young and emerging nonprofit leaders in the Sheboygan area and to connect these leaders to people, resources and ideas that can help in overcoming these challenges. This group also builds a community for young and emerging nonprofit professionals throughout Sheboygan through networking, idea sharing and collaboration. 

Founded in 1997, the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network activates some 50,000 young and emerging nonprofit leaders in 42 cities and communities throughout the United States and Canada. YNPN helps them acquire the skills and awareness they need to be effective changemakers. With these leaders, YNPN is building a diverse and powerful social sector that can support and strengthen the communities that it serves.